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Alien Jar Babies

3D model description

From the deep recesses of my over-tired brain comes - Alien Jar Babies!

These little creatures have a faces only a mother could love. The idea was to create a wierd little fetus thingy that would live in a jar of "formaldehyde". This is the 1st one in a series that we're working on.

Ignore the bolt on his bum, he needed to be weighed down and I didn't have any lead around.

These look sooo much cooler in person. Real gross and creepy, can't wait till we've got a row of them done.

Thanks to Kenzo for the great model!

3D printing settings

1) The alien is split in 2 for easy printing. Once printed, I hollowed out a bit of a cavity for some lead to weigh him down.

2) Then I used a bit of modeling paint and aged him a bit and painted his "mouth" red.

3) Take a baby food jar and fill with water. Add food coloring until you get that formaldehyde look (3 drops yellow, 1 drop green, 1 drop blue - I think)

4) Insert baby into jar.

5) Print more to keep him company

  • 3D model format: STL





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