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Water Reflection Pavilion - Makuhari

3D model description

This Pavillion was part of a housing project designed by Steven Holl in Makuhari, in the sorroundings of Japan, in 1996.

The architect conceived it as an "active structure". This is a dynamic space for the daily activities of the community. It dialogues with the sorrounding space using the water as an element to create the atmosphere.

I'm an architecture student and I did this 3D project for a subject. I modelated this thing using some planes found in the internet.

Microstation was used to recreate the building.

Note: Real photos extracted from Google.

3D printing settings

This thing was printed on my Prusa i3 Hephestos by BQ.

It was splitted in two pices in order to keep the inside clean and smooth and allowing to show the interior.

It was sliced in Cura with this settings:

Layer height: 0.2 1st part / 0.1 2nd part

Shell thickness: 1.2

Retraction of 5mm, 150mm/s

Bottom/Top thickness: 1.2

Print speed: 70

Temperature: 220

Support type: Lines. Everywhere with 15% amount.

  • 3D model format: STL





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