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Ripper's London - Street Accessories

3D model description

A few nick-nacks and stuff to go with my other models in the Ripper's London series.

This includes:-
Small/medium and large wall sections (for those grim back alleyways)
Bunker - for coal and the like, not the military basement type
Alleyway entrances (x3)
Horse trough
Drinking fountain

The cobbled streets in the photo are in the next release... The buildings are to be found in the Ripper's London buildings collection

They should suit any variety of Victorian building usage that needs a taste of the old East End, and many of the buildings will still be alive and kicking in 'Station Roads' up and down the country and so useful for train scenery building.

Note: This series of models does not condone murder, violence or other mayhem, and sightings of the Ripper should be reported to the Metropolitan Constabulary at Great Scotland Yard preferably via telephonic device on Whitehall 1212

  • 3D file format: STL



Ian Harrison from London



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