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Jetsons Style Shopping Center Lamp

3D model description

This is a bedside light that is crafted in the style of a futuristic shopping centre as seen on The Jetsons.

Includes an assortment of Jetsons cars.

3D printing settings

This model was printed on a Makerbot Replicator 2 in PLA.

No supports are necessary.

I scaled the parts up by %400 to make the model you see in the pictures.

I used 2 bright yellow 3mm LEDs on the inside of the windows (which are hollow) and are wired through one of the necks into the base where the rest of the electronics lie (batteries, switch, and resistors).

You'll need to figure out the circuit yourself based on the type of LEDs you are using.

One thing that really helps the lighting is to glue some aluminum foil to the underside of the ceiling so it reflects the light back and makes it diffuse more into the windows.

Print the windows in translucent PLA for the best effect.

The pieces need to be glued (no snap fits, sorry).

There are tabs on the shop windows to help align the floors properly.

Hopefully the file names are self-explanatory so the assembly should be straight forward.

I used a plastic project box for the base and electronics housing.

  • 3D file format: STL





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