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Paste Extruder - 10 cc V2.1 - Extrudeuse a pâte

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Description du modèle 3D

This is a upgraded variant of RichRap's syringe style paste extruder. It substitutes a few easier to find bits of hardware to replace the longer M4 stuff I had a hard time finding. I also spent some time cleaning up odds and ends fitment wise(more work needs to be done!) but it works well and take less time to print.

It is based around a 10 ml/cc syringe. The best type is the Leur Lock ones with interchangable tips, but I've had good result with the measuring type syringe with the simple spout without needles.

Paramètres d'impression 3D

BOM for Paste Extruder 10 cc V2.1

_1 x Print - Plastic Body V2.1 Extruder

_1 x Print - Gear and drive set (small gear, medium gear, large gear, idler block, syringe pressure block

_1 x NEMA17 motor, 5 mm shaft
 _1 x Drive gear T5 10teeth Metal drive Gear (you could print one of these)

_4 x 624 bearings
 _1 x 608 bearing
 _1 x 20mm 8 mm smooth rod or M8 rod
 _2 x M3 set screw for stepper drive gear & belt pulley
_4 x M3 nuts, tension, drive gear & pulley

_2 x M3 x 45mm bolts for idler tension
 _4 x M3 x 10mm bolts for stepper motor mounting

_7 x M3 washers
_3 x M3 Nuts
_3 x M4 x 30mm for idler hinge pin
_1 x M4 x 55mm hex head bolt for the large gear shaft

_1 x M4 x 45mm cap screw for the double/medium gear shaft
 _1 x M4 plain nut for syringe clamp
 _3 x M4 Nylock type nuts

_4 x M4 washers, between gears and 624 in cap
_2 x springs or Silicon pressure spacers for Idler

_1 x small zip tie
_1 x 5-6mm wide T5 belt(or to match pulley) ~about 40cm

_1 x Plastic sheet to print on

Standard 10ml Syringe - Luer Lock or centre slip types. Various syringe needles 1.8mm - 0.1mm - For Luer Lock syringe. Syringes with offset nozzles can also work, make sure to clamp in place so they don't rotate in use.

  • Format du fichier 3D : STL



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