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Motion-Activated LED Wristband

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Description du modèle 3D

Keep that New Years resolution of getting fit by staying safe with a neopixel motion activated running band powered by Flora, Adafruit's wearables electronics platform.

Using flexible material, this wristband uses motion-activated LEDs,
great for running safety, night clubs, or any time you feel the need to be blinky while moving.

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Parts needed:
NeoPixel Ring 16
JST Extension
Rechargeable Battery
Slide Switch

Tools needed for this project:
Soldering Iron
Helping Third Hand
Heat Shrink Pack
Wire Strippers
30 gauge wire
• Fine-tipped marker

Paramètres d'impression 3D

Print Temp 225
2 Shells
15% infill

No raft or support needed.

NeoPixil ring and accelerometer lays on the back of the Flora.

Align the Flora inside the body. Use a micro pencil to mark the pin outs.

The pins of the NeoPixil are marked from the inside of the body.

Position the accelerometer in the center of the NeoPixel Ring.

Use a needle to puncture the markings and stretch out the holes.

Thread strips of 30 gauge wrapping wire through the holes.

Lengthy wires secures the Flora and the accelerometer in place while soldering.

Pull wires to the edge of the pad and bend the tip to secure the connection while soldering.

A complete circuit diagram and tutorial can be found on adafruits learning system.

JST connector will reroute the power for a compact circuit.

Solder from the on-board JST connector on the Gemma.

A slide switch will makes it easy power it on and off.

Shrink tubing secures and protects our solder connections.

The wires in the power circuit are positioned inside the body and fitted on top of the Flora.

Position NeoPixel over the wires of the accelerometer and thread the appropriate wires to the pins.

Bend down wires to secure the NeoPixil ring.

Cut the wires short, strip and solder the NeoPixel ring.

Remove any access wire from the NeoPixel ring.

Thread the Accelerometer and bend back the wires to hold the circuit in the center of the ring.

Strip, solder and remove the access wire from the accelerometer.

Reduce the length of the battery cable and heat shrink the connection.

Pop the slide switch through the cavity for a tight fit

Carefully position the battery on top of the circuit.

Align the back cover to the cut out of the slide switch

Press down on the edges of cover to protect the circuit.

USB easily plugs into to the flora to reprogram sketches.

The pins on the band snap in to securely hold the body together.

Side the switch to it on power and keep your New Years resolution while staying safe and glowy.

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  • Format du fichier 3D : STL



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