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Zheng3 Firecracker Cannon

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Description du modèle 3D

This last argument of kings uses a single firecracker to launch a festive blast of confetti.

Happy birthday, America.

Enjoy the schadenfreude of failed prints? Here's the cannon barrel in full-on fail mode:

Paramètres d'impression 3D

Construction is snap-together! A couple of dabs of glue will keep the carriage from falling apart under the stress of firing.

A small piece of bent wire will be very useful in pulling the fuse through the match bore.

Firecrackers not included.

To load: Crimp a small piece of wire to the tip of a firecracker's fuse. Insert the firecracker into the breech and feed the uncrimped wire end through the match bore. Gently pull the wire out through the match bore and detach it from the fuse.

Pack the muzzle with bits of confetti and tamp it down gently with the included rammer.

Slide the cap onto the back of the breech, mount the barrel in the carriage, and you're good to go!

Light the fuse and get away. For the love of all that's holy, wear eye protection and don't point this at people, animals, or structures.

Printing tip: barrel_sprue.stl puts some optional support on the barrel that you can trim off with a knife-- it's for users who wish to print the barrel by itself but are having trouble with a tall, thin print.

Fun fact: the ramrod traces its ancestry to a Seej Battle Flag mast.

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