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XL-RCP 16.0 XYCLOPS : Cockpit camera pan-tilt for 808 #16 HD cam

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3d printed pan-tilt set for FPV optimized for ES Drifter Ultralight.:
XL-RCP 16.0 XYCLOPS : Cockpit camera pan-tilt for 808 #16 .
I designed this because it need to have extra camera tilting feature that able to view straight to ground while flying in cockpit view manner without adding extra weight and avoid looking too bulky. This kit is similar design to XL-RCP14.0 HAWX EYE but slightly beefy, rigid, heavy by few grams and high mounted behind the cockpit. HAWX EYE runs on 3.7g servos while XYCLOPS run on powerful 9g servos (optionally with 180deg after market servo) which is more commonly use by most FPV / drone flight enthusiast. The most prominent differences between them is the sizing and they way how the kit was mounted on the plane. XYCLOPS originally was designed for on ES Drifter Ultralight plane, it has seat mounted post and adapter to attached to the main pillar of wing structure for rigid placement and vibration damping purposes.
This kit reduce the weight of overall vs conventional pan-tilt system in the market yet able to utilized popular 9g size servo. This kit still retain its original purpose for cockpit flying experience with extra camera tilting feature. The narrow profile design starting from 808's lens all the way to the back allow more aerodynamic efficiency against the wind and reduce drag.

For more details and instruction check it at this url:

** Do take note i'm using Z-modeler to build this 3D parts so would look "cracky" on some 3d viewer but no problem during 3D printing.
Editable 3ds file also available at my website for those who wanted to customized/modify the kit meshes.

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