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XL-RCP 14.0 HAWX EYE : Nano camera pan-tilt for 808 #16

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Description du modèle 3D

The smallest 3d printed pan-tilt set for FPV: XL-RCP 14.0 HAWX EYE : Nano camera pan-tilt for 808 #16 .
I came out an idea to design a pan-tilt camera set small and light enough to be mounted on the nose of a small plane without affecting the CG (Center Gravity) for the use of FPV flight (First Person View). Also most importantly giving me a good full freedom viewing from all angle at close ground proximity flight without being obstructed by cockpit dash view and wings. Originally i had both plane: Drifter Ultralight on FPV using pan only via 808 #16 HD camera keychain with live video output to wireless feed flying via cockpit view to simulate realistic in-cockpit flight experience. However after years of flight its time to convert one of the Drifter Ultralight into "Search and Rescue" style FPV drone like capability which able to fly low altitude and camera able to browse at extremely lower angle to check out ground details and tracking discreet movement below the flight model.
By default it was designed to be placed under the plane nose with high clearance from the ground which elevated by the height of the landing gear. By placing underneath pilot and viewer able to view clean unobstructed scenery unlike traditional cockpit mounted pan-tilt camera set. However this set can be mounted vice versa upwards into the cockpit with slight adjustment to the tilt arm (parts: tilt_arm) and lens module (parts: lens_socket).

For more details and instruction check it at this url:

** Do take note i'm using Z-modeler to build this 3D parts so would look "cracky" on some 3d viewer but no problem during 3D printing.
Editable 3ds file also available at my website for those who wanted to customized/modify the kit meshes.

  • Format du fichier 3D : STL



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