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Toad from Mario games - Multi-color

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Description du modèle 3D

"Toad is a character who is Princess Peach's attendant and a long time protector of the Mushroom Kingdom" - from

This is a multi-color print. There are some very small features, like the pupils and fingers that may not support downscaling.

No supports are needed.

The center of gravity of this model is a bit shifted back. If you want to have a better balance, increase the infill percentage of the front part of the hat.

Be aware that, although at seems at first glance, the “belly” part is not front-back symmetric. If you look it from the bottom, you’ll notice that the shoe's slits are slighted shifted to one of the sides. That side is the back portion.

Take care to not fit the “torso” part in an inverted way. The smoothest side points forward.

The side spots of the hat are not perfect circles, also. If you look at them carefully, you’ll see that there is a side which is a tiny bit flatter then the rest. That must point downward. Nevertheless, they’ll probably fit any way you try.

Tips for mounting the jacket:

1 – Make sure “belly” and “torso” are already connected. This will make the handling easier.

2 – Fit “jacket edge” (the orange part) first. This is easy.

3 – Afterwards, fit the “jacket” part pressing it from the top. You’ll need to put a bit of pressure (the piece will force open a little) until it clicks in place.

Let me know if you have any questions.


  • Format du fichier 3D : STL





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