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Shape Shaker

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Description du modèle 3D

Is the world ready for the SHAPE SHAKER?!
We don't know, but we will find it out very soon!

The SHAPE SHAKER is a mechanical toy composed by several parts. All the pieces are printable with the only exception of a toothpick (length of 144[mm] - diameter 3[mm]) and they are mounted using only the hands and a screwdriver.

  • The housing is composed by: 1 BASE, 1 ROOF and 2 WALLS; all these 4 pieces are hooked with simple clips.
  • The main part of the mechanism is the CRANKSHAFT that is manually actuated thanks to an HANDLE (composed by 3 parts).
  • the CATERPILLAR parts (HEAD-BODY-TAIL) are coupled to the RODS with a slight interference.
  • The13 RODS are connected to the CRANKSHAFT from above through the ROOF
  • The RODS are also constrained to a WOODEN SHAFT obtained from a toothpick inserted from the WALL_1 and closed by the SCREW.

Thats all folks!
Shake your shape!



  • Format du fichier 3D : STL



Ultimaker 3 (ITALY-Turin)



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Amazing idea and great creation!