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Rock Frog Remix

Télécharger fichier 3D gratuit Rock Frog Remix, Zheng3Télécharger fichier 3D gratuit Rock Frog Remix, Zheng3
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Description du modèle 3D

I spent a good chunk of Sunday morning at World Maker Faire chatting with Cerebus333 and promised him I'd remix his Rock Frog when I returned to Zheng Labs. Cerebus even gave me a signed original to take home.

This remixed Rock Frog would make a fine earth golem or elemental for your RPG of choice.

You can read extensive documentation of the remixing process in my Anatomy of a Remix blog post, including modeling tips and a downloadable model in t-pose in case you'd like to rig the character yourself.

Paramètres d'impression 3D

This miniature rock frog is printed with a .15 layer height in black PLA, and then given a very light coat of white spray paint to bring out the details.

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