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large train track switch

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Description du modèle 3D

large train track switch

printed with a temp of 230 and bed temp 62
print speed 60mm/s
filament: pla from by ctrl design
layer height 0,2mm

its designed to fit on the lego train track.

for the compleet switch you need to print

2x train switch large
2x switch part left
2x switch part tright
4x switch slider left and right
4x switch part connector left and right
4x switch handle left and right

start with the switch slider put it in for 50% then you can hook on the switch part on the slider and slide it in place. now you can turn the model and put in the switch part connector. warning: when you put in the switch part connector it's hard to get it out again.
now you can place the switch handle by clicking it in to place

enjoy your train track

  • Format du fichier 3D : STL



Owner of ctrl design interieurarchitectuur
Owner of By ctrl design

Printing with a Opiliones delta printer



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Can we print with an alfawise u30 pro