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Description du modèle 3D



L'idée de ce modèle est de retranscrire l'esprit de Stratomaker.
En partant de l'utilisation simple et connecté de l'imprimante Stratomaker, l’idée est venue de faire une mascotte amicale, simple, épurée, à l'aspect humanoïde avec la possibilité de l'emporter partout en devenant un porte-clés.

Cette mascotte permet d'accompagner l'utilisateur dans sa première impression pour montrer le fonctionnement de l'imprimante et les possibilités du prototypage rapide. Demandant précision et finesse d'impression, avec des pièces fonctionnelles et des détailles, elle met en avant les caractéristiques de l’imprimante Stratomaker.

Son impression simple, en une pièce et sans support, en fait la mascotte parfaite pour accueillir et inspirer les membres de la famille Stratomaker.

Il ne reste plus qu'à lancer l'impression!


Paramètres d'impression 3D

Impression en une fois, sans support
Dimension à l'impression : 65*48*55 mm

  • Format du fichier 3D : STL



Étudiant ingénieur en ingénierie de produit avec une spécialité design, je suis passionné par l'innovation et les nouvelles technologies.



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7 commentaires

Quiet, not for the third place, I noticed some things that I did not understand and I asked for explanations, unfortunately the conclusion is that these competitions are favored by professional designers and those like me is just a simple worker with the hobby of creation it is destined to always place itself after those things for work, all here.
I gave up the lpremio simply because I find contradictory that is awarded as a reward € 50 spendable in 3D models that, probably, for those who arrive third is simple to make them, it would make more sense to load the bill with the € 50 that CULTS should have credited to possessors of files that I could download.
It 'a little twisted as a system, unfortunately the rules are clear and these contests can participate all except the relatives of the jury, therefore, usually, towards the end of the contest begin to publish models of professional designers, even people who won in architecture competitions or furniture design taking home more than a € 1300 printer, but still participate knowing that they can bring something home.
Nothing illegal of course but ethically I find it wrong that established professionals receive rewards for something they normally do for work which they already have a profit, maybe I'm wrong to think of it this way but I give up still participating in these contests, I enjoyed but I have dedicated time and money to this contest, now that I know how it works I will avoid competing with professionals and I will only share what I create. Excuse the outburst but at least you'll know the reason why I will not be in the list of winners;).

Why did you do that? I didnt said you shouldnt win. Its not youre fault, i just disagree with the jury. Youre entrie was even better than the snail from first place.

In the end it's like you said, I did not win anything, or rather, I gave up the prize that will be awarded to the 4th classified.

I won the third prize, I was hoping for a second place at least to cushion the filament expenses I used in this contest, .......... does the same! I enjoyed myself.

About the likes: You can post on socialmedia and tell your friends to vote. There is nothing wrong with it.

I cant understand, why you didnt win anything.

448 like and only 8 download.........strange!