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Keychain Pill Boxes - Now With Snap to Close Lid

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Description du modèle 3D

Never leave home without it. Attach this to your key chain to store a few pills to tackle that surprise headache or other ailment that may come along. Available in 2 sizes, each have a snap to close sliding lid, a stop to prevent the lid from falling off and a key ring hole. The larger one has a first aid symbol on both sides.

Paramètres d'impression 3D

Print with 25% fill to get a tough durable part. Scale up to store large candies or gum.

Micropac: Approx. size 1 3/4"L x 3/4"W x 1/2"H. Print time under 20 mins.

Medpac: Approx. size 1 3/4"L x 1 1/8"W x 1/2"H. Print time under 35 mins.

Note: When printed in PLA the lid may stick and be a bit tight at first, before filly closing lid, run it back and forth a few times and it will loosen up.

  • Format du fichier 3D : STL


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