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Inhalo - Asthma Inhaler + Spacer

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Description du modèle 3D

Asthma Inhaler + Spacer

An alternative to regular inhalers in the market, this inhaler features both functional and aesthetic advantages. The greatest differences are that it doesn't look like an inhaler, which grants discretion and confidence to users; and that the casing becomes a spacer (aerochamber) to facilitate inhalation.


• Built-in spacer (aerochamber) that also works as casing

Spacer clicks into place for both positions, as spacer and as casing • Discreet and elegant
Fully 3D printable
Compatible with standard medicine canisters
Available in 2 sizes (depending on canister)

Easy to clean/sterilize

3D printing notes:
• Support-free

We recommend printing at the highest quality possible

Easy, light and quick print

This design is the result of direct collaboration between end-user and industrial designer. We are excited to share it with the 3D printing community for all asthma patients to enjoy.

Original idea: Harry Royden McLaughlin (

Industrial Design: Luis Daniel Sánchez (

  • Format du fichier 3D : STL



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