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Hillary Clinton Logo

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Description du modèle 3D

The United States 2016 Presidential Election is gearing up to be a hotly contested one with wildly contrasting candidates ready to decisively debate the issues. Whether or not you think Hillary Clinton is the right candidate for the job this first ever 3D-printable* logo for a Presidential Candidate is sure to spark some conversation!

The H Logo

With it's future facing red arrow the 'H' logo stands as a exemplary case study on the ability of design to solicit emotion, discussion and thought. Simple enough to be immediately recognized, sturdy enough to stand on it's own and abstract enough for virtually limitless application. It has only been a few months since the Clinton Campaign first unveiled the 'H' logo and it has already manifested in a variety of clever and imaginative ways.

*As the first 3D printable logo for a Presidential Candidate, this object puts a unique 21st Century twist on the historical tradition of regular citizens producing Presidential Propaganda in their homes

Paramètres d'impression 3D

There are three versions available for download solid, two part and dual extrusion. For each you will need blue and red filament.

Hillary 2016 - Solid
Begin by printing this version in blue filament. When the top layer of the H finishes printing and the printer begins to exclusively print the arrow, pause the machine and change to your red filament. When the print is done you will have a beautiful solid two toned Hillary 2016 logo.

Hillary 2016 - Two Part
This version prints in two separate pieces. Print the H in blue filament, the arrow in red filament and assemble the two by press fitting the arrow into the blue H. For a permanent bond use a little adhesive when assembling.

Hillary 2016 - Dual Extrusion
For this version import both models into your slicer, assign the extruder with red filament to the arrow and the extruder with the blue to the H. Let it print and enjoy your fully dual-colored 'Hillary 2016 Logo'

  • Format du fichier 3D : STL



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