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Dancing Function Stickmen

3D model description

When I saw the picture with the dancing function stickmen for the first time, I instantly knew that those cute looking figures have to be transformed into a 3D printable version too - and here they are! 15 dancing stickmen, each of them showing a function with it´s arms.

There are two possibilities of using them, that came to my mind:

The first one is quite simple. Just print them and put some pretty decorative mathematical beauty onto your shelf!
The second method for using these figures is meant to be a possibility for teachers when the students start getting in touch with functions. The full figures can be used to show how all the functions look like, the cut versions may be used as a game to practice the funcion skills. The students get the top parts as well as the bottom parts and have to put them together in the correct way.
This can also be played as a simple competition. Each student has to put the stickmen together, and the fastest, who got all of them right, is the winner!
So, no matter what you want to use these dancing function stickmen for, have fun with them and please let me know if you have wishes for any other functions, I´m always ready to design them for you!

3D printing settings




0.2 mm

25 %

  • 3D model format: STL


Hello, World!
I'm a student who found his fascination for 3D Printing when our school got a 3D Printer. Furthermore I'm interested in modeling things with a CAD software. Have fun while browsing through my things!
If you have special wishes for things I could design, please let me know! :D




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