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Innovate and Create in 3D was born through a partnership between La Poste and Cults, the 3D printing marketplace.

3D printing is a social announced phenomenon. Everybody talks about this technology and predicts a great future, some even suggest a third industrial revolution. But this innovation is nothing without 3D modeled objects to print. And because it is not given to everyone to have an artistic soul or master 3D design softwares, Cults showcases the work of all the designers that will make tomorrow, 3D printing become truly open to all.

Cults is the first French marketplace that is connecting creators of 3D models and people wishing to print 3D objects. Cults is for all 3D printer owners who wish to have access to premium and original creations to make.

3D Slash is an innovative French company in 3D digitization. It offers to all to learn in a fun way to create digital 3D objects, from simple to complex.

3D Advisors are postal workers, specialists in digital 3D projects, which will accompany you in your creative process.
They deepen your need with you as gifts, prototypes, models and marketing objects and offer the best 3D digital solutions.