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Musical Orrery

3D model description

Warning: Not calibrated for celestial navigation. Use at your own risk.

Print one of each file at the highest resolution you can tolerate. No supports needed.
Paint prior to assembly. I used metallic acrylic paints. I used modelling glue to assemble the Earth and Moon, and to glue parts to the metal pegs.

The metal pegs are simply nails with the sharp ends ground down. They measure 2.53mm by my digital calipers.

The musicbox mechanism is a Sankyo 18-note. Available widely, just Google it. Most popular songs from the early to mid 20th century are available. Why did I use "Fiddle on the Roof"? It was the most spacey sounding song that came in an 8-pack of mechanisms for $15.

You'll need the optional extension shaft for your Sankyo music box. Available here for $0.95:

You will need eight 10mm M3 bolts to hold the musicbox mechanism to the base and the rest of the musicbox together. You will need one 5mm M3 bolt to tighten the Earth's gear to the extension shaft.

And yes, I realize the earth is rotating the wrong way. Take it up with Sankyo.





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