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Garbage card Holder

3D model description

In Holland its al about recycling garbage.
In my home town you have a bin for: paper, plastic, glass etc,

But for real garbage we have to go to a special sub container in our street.
For this container you have to use a special card.

My wife always misplaces the card.
So i wanted to give this card a special place in the house.

And so i came up with this simple card holder.

(LOL mark my words up to the third time my wife will use the card holder, after that see will misplace it again!)

3D printing settings

Layer Height: 0.2
Shell thickness: 0.8
Bottom/Top thickness 0.8
Infill: 20%
No Support

Roughly it printed in 2 hours and 15 minutes



Hello all, I'm Bishop.
In real life I'm a mechanical engineer.
But in my spare time i love making 3d models.,3d printing and playing with arduino's and raspberry pi's

I love making models for other people like,
milling machines, 3d printers, jewelry, practical things and yes also naughty toys,
and a lot off other stuff.

I hope you will like and enjoy my models!


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