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TRANSORMERS G1 Metroplex Re-creation Add-on

3D model description


this is a teaser/backup :] for my G1 Metroplex re-creation project.he is one of the greatest characters from G1/IDW universe that never got the toy representation it deserves. the project will consist of:

new arms
new thighs
waist extender
at the moment i'm recreating the files i had already made a year ago, but lost on my old HDD. the black prints come from my old printer that was very unreliable and low on detail.

firt i will focus on bot mode look and articulation. second step will be the integration of new parts into transformation/alt mode. although in metroplexes case i should not pose much of a problem.
no 'definite' modifications (drilling, cutting, pin removal) to the oryginal figure will be required, although you will have to take it apart to have the uprgades installed.

stay in touch!

UPDATE - the first arm assembly is now complete, yet once printed it suffers for very tight tolerances so it needs to be further redesigned. You can see it assembled at pictures. you will need M2 bolts for wood (sharp tip, sharp thread) to put it togeteher and a spring of a 8mm diameter and length of 14/6 mm.



If you like transformers I invite you to check out the website i write and photograph for


They are written in polish, but you can always enjoy the photos.




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