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Cybran T1 Assault Bot - Mantis

3D model description

Cybran T1 Assault Bot - Mantis from Supreme commander. Pulled the original model from the game then modeled onto it the textures. Modeled ball joints for articulation. Made changes to the original model to fix intersecting geometry (head was intersecting with the body) and floating parts ( head antler panels).

3D printing settings

0.2mm layer height
20% infill
no support (adding support may cause fit problems)
painted with acrylic paint

ball joints are tricky to get right - not to lose or to tight. If they are to lose, painting helps. Used pliers and a hammer to assemble the ball joint and dovetail joints. The head parts as well as the shin guard for the lower leg have to be glued together.

  • 3D model format: STL





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