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Hex Phone Sound Amplifier

3D model description

A clean and simple amplifier for your mobile phone. Certainly not a new idea but I needed something to help cleanup my desk and allow me to play music (or just hear the phone ringing from the opposite end of the house!). And of course I needed it to be my own unique design.

Check out the video of this working at

A modified version of this won the i.Materialise 3D Printed Wood Challenge (

Check the dimensions of your phone against the slot dimensions pictured - I designed this for smaller phones like my old Samsung Galaxy S2, so you may want to scale up the design prior to printing if you're using a giant phone.

Read more about the design of this product on my blog, including the multi-coloured effect created by swapping filament colours during printing.



University Lecturer, Industrial Designer, PhD researcher and massive 3D printing geek! My name's James Novak and you can follow the stories and experiments behind my designs on my website or track me down on Instagram or Twitter: @edditive




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