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Querétaro - México

3D model description

Querétaro is a city a couple hours north of Mexico City. Its Historic Center, founded in 1531, is a World Heritage Site that coexists with prosperous economic and industrial activitie - and it's my hometown!
This is my entry for the #SeeTheWorld contest - everywhere I go I am proud to mention where I come from, this is my chance to let the world #SeeQueretaro !

This set contains 4 awesome models:
• Templo de La Cruz (Holy Cross)
• Arcos de Querétaro (Aqueduct)
• Templo de Santa Rosa de Viterbo (Saint Rose)
• "QUERÉTARO"monumental letters


I know these landmarks very well and I was able to go study them in person, and tools like Google and Wikipedia complete the research.


I used parametric software to model from scratch. XVI and XVII century catholic temples of Mexico are very ornamented and elaborate. I sketched the general geometric shapes to model and then decided which of the many details would be big enough to be printed. Without the tiny details, these models look like plain prisms and domes. It took a lot of work of “carving” each volume to give the model so me life. Several hours of extruding, cutting, revolving and patterning were well worth it as the models simply look stunning!


I lived, studied, worked and had fun in Querétaro for 7 years. My family and best friends live there. I am devoted to promote the warmth of its people, its history, traditions and modernity.

The idea of MiniWorld originated from a visually-impaired friend who asked me if I could use 3D printing to help her and others "see" the world - with miniature models, they can understand shapes and sizes of the most famous landmarks and travel with their hands.

All my things I model myself by hand and brain, please give credit. It's all about spreading culture!

3D printing settings

• No supports needed
• FDM, ABS 230°C
• Infill 15%,
• Layer height .35mm

It is amazing how each tiny detail and ornament print great! I hand-painted white models that I had printed for me using acrylics, thin brushes and a lot of patience!

  • 3D model format: STL


The collection of 3D printable landmarks of the world!




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