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Denver Sculptures

3D model description

Welcome to Denver, the Mile High City!

MiniWorld celebrates Denver and Colorado with a collection of landmarks. In this occasion, 3 famous pieces from the Denver Art Museum's outdoor sculpture collection.

Blue Bear Sculpture
“I see what you mean” - by Laurence Argent. 2005
Located outside of the Convention Center, it has become a fun and beloved landmark of Denver that represents the joyful spirit of the city as well as the native fauna of the mountains.

Yellow Sculpture
“Articulated Wall” - by Herbert Bayer. 1985
Originally installed in Mexico City for the 1968 Olympics, a bigger and yellower replica was installed in the Denver Design District.

Horse on Chair Sculpture
“The Yearling” - by Donald Lipski. 1993
Meant to make us feel like when we were children by reminding us of the sense of scale that everyday objects had back then. Originally installed in Central Park in New York City, now located behind the Central Library, in the Civic Center Park.

MiniWorld is excited to bring these landmarks' models to life! All models are made by hand and brain from scratch, please give credit, it's all about spreading culture and education!

MiniWorld is the collection of 3D printable models of landmarks of the world.

3D printing settings

DaVinci Jr.

Doesn't Matter




Directions and Recommendations:

Can be printed without support but there will be slight overhangs
Infill: 5-10%
0.1mm layer height recommended
You can scale it up 150% or 200% to get better definition of details
To set the scale correctly amongst all 3 models, scale down the Horse & Chair to 50%.

How I Designed This

As all of MiniWorld's models, this is made from scratch by eye, brain and hand in SolidWorks using photographs and visiting the real landmark. Hand-drawn sketches in paper help understand the volume and shape. Being an organic figure, it was a good challenge to make this in SolidWorks. The tessellation effect was achieved in Blender once the model was finished.

  • 3D model format: STL


The collection of 3D printable landmarks of the world!




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