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Yet Another Bicycle Flashlight Holder

3D model description

Over the summer I purchased a light for my bike. It was probably around $15 and it is the biggest piece of crap ever so I decided to make a better one.

I looked on here for any workable design that someone else already made but I didn't find one that suited my style. For one, it has to be really strong. I don't know how you ride but my bike sees plenty of wheelies, bunny hops and just plain aggressive riding. The light needs to stay put during all that.

I've tested this one out and it seems to do the job and I think it looks kind of cool. These little LED flashlights are cheap, strong, bright and easy to come by. The design allows you to unscrew the battery cover and swap batteries without removing the unit.

This is my first thing I've ever made in OpenSCAD. I'm learning it. I would have posted the scad file but honestly, it's pretty embarrassing and a bit of a mess. I made an attempt to parameterize it but you could probably break it pretty easy with some whacky parameters. It also takes a really long time to compile and render, 20 minutes or so at $fn = 24.

3D printing settings

I sliced my stl with ReplicatorG (honestly, I can't figure out how to make Slic3r work )
I printed mine with 10% infill, Speed 30, Layer Height .1 (I like the fine finish), PLA, temp 220.

You'll also need 1/4"-20 x 5/8" Round Head Nut & Bolt Combo pack from Home Depot. The package says 27981 on it. That may or may not be a SKU number. They're pretty easy to find in the hardware section either way though.

The 4 hex nuts need to be pressed into their spaces, the fit is snug but not too hard. Use a bolt to just pull them into the hole all the way. The nuts should stay put by themselves.

Obviously, you'll need to mount it on the handlebar before mounting the flashlight because the flashlight covers the lower screw holes. I cranked mine tight on the handlebar pretty good and it's pretty sturdy. Good luck.

  • 3D model format: STL





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