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xtrhdr a geared nema23 extruder for a cupcake

3D model description

This is an extruder for all the cupcake owners who have the wish for a stepper extruder and have some spare cheap nema 23 steppers.
Based upon the lovely extruder from Jag; Yet another extruder filament drive thing:7113.
It uses a makerbot MK5/MK6 filament drive gear, an extra stepperdriverboard, three 606 bearings and a variety of nuts 'n bolts.

The goal was to use an old low torque stepper, the makerbot MK3 hotend (in the process replaced by something better..) and a lot of plastic. (aka no lasercuttted parts)
If you wonder why so much trouble, I wanted to make it so that you can re-use parts when upgrading to a real beefy stepper.
It has a support for an optional 2nd extruder, but that is needing some work.. if I'll ever do it..

It is being driven by the' experimental' stepperextruder setting from repg25, which works for me perfectly!

I really don't know if anyone will build this thing, but when upgraded with a .35 nozzle for example from it prints actualy quite nicely for a makerbot from 2009.
With great help from the wobble arrester from twotimes and natetrue of course...

3D printing settings

pick your hotend type, print out the parts nicely you'll need the strenght.
For the most obvious assembly, check the foto's.
To give the M3 bolts an extra grip,
I made them hot and pressed them into the plastic.

  • 3D model format: STL





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