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Weeping Angel Mask

3D model description

Described as the Universe's most compassionate murderous psychopaths the touch of a Weeping Angel is capable of sending its target back in time, allowing the Angel to feed off the remaining energy of a life not lived.

-=Design=- This mask is based off of one I picked up off of Ebay. The original mask was majorly damaged and really to flimsy for anything given its condition. After scanning the mask I cleaned up the resulting mesh in Blender, erasing the damage, fixing details and making a few additions and corrections.

The mask is cut in half to make printing easier, and to fit the beds of most standard printers. It is sized to fit the normal human face, but obviously if printing for children print smaller.

-=Finishing=- I printed my copy in ABS, and used super glue and bondo to put both halves together. I than vacuformed the final mask using a sheet of HIPS, and painted it using basic acrylic paint. I then used see through black cloth to fill in the eyes giving a more menacing visage.


3D printing settings

As with most masks I intend to vacuform I printed this at 1.2mm wall thickness and 20% infill. If you're not planning on doing that thinner walls and less infill will work just fine.

When printing align so that the cut in the middle of the face is along the bottom of the bed for the best results.

  • 3D model format: STL



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