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VW Passat HID Headlight Caps

3D model description

Not sure if any1 else would ever need them but here is a system to replace the OEM covers for the HID auto leveling headlights on a VW Passat.

I actually used my phone to snap a pic of the cavity, edited the photo removing all but the lip, imported lip image to SketchUp, ran a tight ruby script that converts images to vector shapes, built a deck, scaled it, exported to an stl, sliced it in RepG and then printed on my printer.

Uber tight ruby script for SketchUp: that takes your imported raster png and converts it to actual shape data! If you use SU you gotta try it out! I attached the tool suite to this thing "" just dump it into your plugins folder in SU and follow the directions from the above URL!

Oh, and for those making solids in SketchUp you really need the ruby script called "Solid Inspector". It makes chasing manifold issues 200 times easier in SU! Pick it up here:

3D printing settings

Print the A and B caps for both drivers side and passenger side

Print the drivers and passenger side bracket kits

Insert the 2 tabs per cap

Use Acetone on the lips and seam to make them water tight!

Slap cap on and place the mounts at each end (see images)

Run a zip tie through the mounts/hinges

Farfegnugen time!

  • 3D model format: STL





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