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Unique 1884 Almond Coupling For Shafting

3D model description

*In 1884 an Engineer named T.R. Almond invented this rare but unique 90 degree shaft coupling without any gears! I decided to make a model of this super interesting piece of engineering. *

I had to redesign this by backwards engineering because there were no blue prints or what ever available. I tried to make is as original as possible but is had to be 3D printable.

I really hope you like it and have as much fun with it as I did. Please let me know if you make this and were you used it for. I'm also open for new project suggestions like this.

Link to the Patent:

Printing and assembling is not hard... There is one special item that needs attention! The ball bearing inside the crank is a print in a print! First get them in to you slicer en then move the ball in to the crank. There should be enough clearance for most printers the prevent them to stick.

Use some glue to attach the crack to the axel AFTER you put the lever on the long shaft and trough the crank ball bearing.

Happy making and please leave me likes....

  • 3D model format: STL



Hi there,

Just recently (One year ago) I discovered 3D printing and in addition 3D printing. I love tinkering my designs together in Fusion 360. Mostly inspired by things witch have some use. I'm always open for new ideas. If it's within my skills to make it, I'm happy to have a go with it.

Have fun making!



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