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Typo - Font Chunkfive 3D

3D model description

Chunkfive free font designed by "The League of Moveable Type" available at

made 3D by easy steps.

You can download complete alphabet and then separate into letters. Lower case does not work the same, because it separates the dots from the i, j.. and so on.

Anyway, it is a quicky solution when you want to print some letters, because normally you write on 3D software and it makes it 3D, but I am aware when you don't have time and proper tools to make that, maybe some single letters just do this job.

3D printing settings

Download and then, when you import the ABC.. you can get into the properties and separate individual letters, no need to print everything, if you want to re-upload every single letter, that's fine, but it is quite a boring job to do.

After doing that...

If the total size of letter distributed at be is similar to the size of the bed, you could auto-arrange them in place.

I recommend to create text from free 3D software, better to create the whole phrase than pick all letters and try to put them in place


  • 3D file format: STL





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