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Train toy - Chucuchú

3D model description

This is a funny and basic train toy. I make it for a car race of my University (Carlos III, Madrid).

-> Rendered image and files Chucuchú V1 .scad and .stl, are only for a global vision, THEY ARE NOT PRINTABLE < -

Here you can see how it works:

((Photos and video are from old version; I still haven't had enough time to print the one new.))

Enjoy it!! ^^

3D printing settings


  • First of all, you have to print the four parts.
  • Then, fix them with a hot glue gun or some other strong glue.

Axes and mechanism:

  • Print 4 castor wheels (from Obijuan->thing:7989) with these characteristics:

    oring_diameter=20 (Internal diameter);
    drill=4; (It depends on the thickness of your metallic threaded rod).
    wheel_width=6; (Here you can use what width you want).

  • To make these wheels, you need 4 o-rings (diameter: 20 mm).

  • For each axis you need also a metallic threaded rod 4x75mm (diameter, lenght).

  • Print an elastic-band-holder.

  • An elastic band.

  • Some hex nuts.

  • Join all this as you can see on the photo (or improve the configuration :P).

  • To hold the elasctic band, you can make a hole on part 3, or you can use an eye lag.

  • 3D model format: STL and ZIP





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