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Tool Holder ( OpenSCAD Parametric )

3D model description

This is my first OpenSCAD project. It is a screwdriver rack that can be mounted to any flat, vertical surface. It came out pretty well, so I thought I'd share it with you great folks here on Thingiverse. I added guides to keep top-heavy screwdrivers or allen wrenches from falling over.

I've done my best to make it full Parametric.

The width, depth, thickness, number of holes, hole sizes, progressive hole sizing, reinforcing structure are all easily modified.

I have included a few STL files (more upon request). They are 120mm wide and have 6 screwdriver holes in them. One is progressive from 2.5mm dia to 5mm dia and the other has 6 4mm dia holes. I don't know what the bed-size is on the TOM. If this .STL file doesn't fit, tell me and I'll upload one that does (or you can change the width in code!...WOOOOooOpenSCAD!).

3D printing settings

Print without raft.

Mounting: I'm using "industrial strength" double-sided tape to stick this to the side of my shelf. This mounting method is more than sufficient to hold up the small screwdrivers. However, if you scale it up to hold bigger things, you might want to mount it more securely than this.

The parameters are clearly commented in the code, so you should have no trouble modifying this to suit your needs.

There are some options you can select in the code. Here they are:

//choice vars: 1= use, 0 = don't use.
progressiveHoleSize=0; //do you want the holes to get progressively bigger (1) or be of fixed size(0)?
triangularGussets=1; //do you want to use the gussets(1) or not (0)?
useToolGuides=1; //do you want to use the tool guides (1) to keep top-heavy screwdrivers from falling over or not (0)?

  • 3D file format: STL





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