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The Book on 3D Printing

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It only seemed appropriately meta that The Book on 3D Printing, had a 3D printable model of The Book on 3D Printing.

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3D Printers come in all shapes and sizes

About The Book

You have heard about 3D Printing in the news and all over the internet. President Obama even mentioned it in the State of the Union. Unfortunately most people are left with questions like -- What is 3D Printing? And why is everyone so excited about it?

Well, look no further! This book will take you on a tour of the growing 3D Printing industry and explain everything you need to know to start designing and printing your own 3D creations.

Learn the process from Digital File to Printed Object

The Book on 3D Printing was written for the designers, teachers, parents, and everyday inventors who will change the world with this astonishing technology.

Explore the 3D printing industry and the inner workings of additive manufacturing machines as well as features, materials, online communities, modeling software, and more.

With easy-to-follow descriptions and illustrations, The Book will demystify the topic for anyone buying, using or enjoying a 3D printer.

No fancy degree required.

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The Book on 3D Printing

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