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Tennis String Vibration Dampener with your LOGO!

3D model description

This design is for a tennis string vibration dampener that can be customized with your personal LOGO.

Customizing it is very simple, just open Customizer and upload your LOGO image!

It makes for a nice gadget, and actually is a useful addition to your tennis racquet.

The dampener should be printed in flexible filament (I used NinjaFlex for mine), and the LOGO needs to be a 100x100 pixels black and white PNG picture.

You can find a couple of suitable images to use as LOGO in the image files of this Thing.

It is possible to have the LOGO printed on just the top face or on both faces of the dampener. Printing on both faces requires a better calibrated printer, as support needs to be printed very close to the LOGO for the print to succeed.

The files section contains examples of printable dampeners, both with LOGO on one face and on both faces.

3D printing settings

IMPORTANT: Printing NinjaFlex or (I presume) other flexible filament is not lilke printing regular PLA or ABS. To make the prints succeed, you will have to slow down the printing process to account for the less amount of plastic that gets extruded. Also, I found it useful to reduce the flow rate of my extruder, and to raise the temperatures a bit.

The prints shown in these pictures where made on an Arduino Materia 101 with white NinjaFlex, printing at 225°C with 0.2mm layer height, 100% linear infill and a 78% flow rate.

Support needs to be printed, regardless of the choice to have the LOGO on just one or both faces of the dampener.

Once printed the dampeners can be colored using permanent markers.

  • 3D model format: STL and ZIP





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