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Surfboard wall mount - Sliding nose mount for fast access

3D model description

Mount for fixing a surfboard with pointy nose and fish-tail onto a wall.

I've designed this to give quick to access the board, while remaining a very slim profile. I've seen many surfboard mounts where the board is sticking out into the room taking up a lot of space, or the board might be positioned all the way up under the ceiling, thus making it very inaccessible. People are also using big clumsy bands or rope to holding the surfboard in place. If you, like me, don't like those solutions LOOK NO FURTHER:

This design minimises the mount profile and allows fast access and fast positioning of the board on a wall-mount that lets you enjoy the look of your board!

PLEASE NOTE: This is a first edition. The curvature for the nose is not that great, and the tail only works on boards like a fish-type.


The sliding nose mount is very nice and can be printed in 2 parts without support. The design prevents the mount from falling off/sliding off its wall mount, and the travel is about 5-7 cm. This allows for quick and easy removal of the board when its needed. The tolerances will also prevent the mount from sliding too easy, thus a little force is needed to lift it. This prevents the mount from sliding off by itself, but it can be slided up when its needed!

All in all Im quite pleased with the sliding mechanism. Further work is to get the curvature better for the nose.


The Tailmount can be printet in 1 part without support. It only works for fish-type boards, since it needs the geometry of the fish-tail to prevent the board from sliding around.


Simply snap the two nosemounts together. Screw the tailmount into the wall at the desired hight. Find the correct position for the nose mount when placing the board on the tailmount. Make sure the nosemount (assembled) is pressed all the way down onto the board. Make sure the mount can be slided up, and the board will be free. Install the nosemount onto the wall with screws aswell.

If the interest is big i might be able to make several editions for different boards.

Designed in SolidWorks. Please let me know if there is any comments/questions or if you would like the SolidWork Source files.

Mail at: c.sigshoj ( a ) gmail . com (Spacing to awoid bots picking up my mail) for fast response.

Enjoy your board, even when you are out of the water!

  • 3D model format: STL





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