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SpaceX Falcon Heavy Multi Parts/Colors

3D model description

Another version of Falcon Heavy liftoff split into parts to allow for using different colors.

Parts grouped according to printing color.

Smaller parts are kept separate as they will require finest resolution and low print speed.

You need super glue for some parts.

This is how I glued it:

Grill fins to rockets

Decal to rocket

Thrusters to flame (let dry)

Rockets to thrusters

Pipe between left and right rockets

3D printing settings

My print settings for the various parts:

Rockets: Res 1.6mm ~ Infill 15% ~ Print Speed 50mm/s

Connection pipe (whatever it's called): Res 0.04mm ~ Print Speed 30mm/s

Thrusters + Landing Gear: Res 0.08mm ~ Infill 50% ~ Print Speed 40mm/s

Thrusters Flame: Res 2mm ~ Infill 50% ~ Print Speed 40mm/s

Launch Pad: Res 2.8mm ~ Infill 5% ~ Print Speed 50mm/s ~ (top layers =5)

Decal + Grill Fins: Res 0.04mm ~ Print Speed 30mm/s. Cube added to assist nozzle!

Flag: Could not print it! I attached it however just in case someone wants to print a huge model!

(Allow single extrusion walls and fills) enabled for small parts (in Simplify 3D)

  • 3D model format: STL



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