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Simple Radial Pneumatic Engine

3D model description

Run by just blowing air into it. Demonstration:

Explosion Diagram in 3d Viewer:

If you like how it works, you can support me by purchasing the Pneumobile chassis:

Works with this remote:
Or with simpler remote from the Vapemobile set:

Extra parts needed:
- M3x8 Bolts (x15)
- M3 Nuts (x15)
- Nitrile Gloves (thumbs from M sized gloves worked the best)
or Silicon (worse) or PET (not tested) ones

Optional parts:
- M3x12 or longer bolts (2x)(for the gears)
- M3 Nuts (x2)(for the gears)
- 6x4mm Silicon Pipe (can be found in aquarium shops)
- M5x10mm Washers (x2) (instead of printed ones)
- 105ZZ Bearings (x2) (noticed no difference in performance)

Printed well with 0.6 nozzle at 0.2 layer height. Some parts (Cylider_Back_Lid and Valve_Lid_6mm) need supports. After printing cut away the brims from Cylinder_Ring parts.

Assembly instructions are coming in the next couple of days.
In short:
- Cut off a glove finger tip
- Pull it onto a Cylinder_Ring (Use Helper_Finger to leave enough height)
- Connect a Piston to it with two Washers
- Clamp the Cylinder_Ring between Cylinder_Plate and and Cylinder_Lid
- Clip them with Helper_Clamp so they won't fall apart at once
- Bolt them together to Plate_Top
- Repeat for the other 2 cylinders
- Insert th Crank with 2 Washers
- Fix it in place with Frame_Bottom
- Bolt all the parts together
- Put the Valve_Inner in place
- Bolt the Valve_Lid into place
- The engine should be running!

  • 3D model format: STL





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