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Servo wheel 4.0

3D model description

This is a new version of the parameterized Servo wheel for mobile robots:

These are the wheels used by many printbots such as Miniskybot or Scout. The improvements of the Version 4.0 are:
* Adaptation to the 3 types of Futaba 3003 servo horns: rounded, 4-arms and 6-arms
* New drills for attaching the horns. Now it is easier to screew the horns to the wheels

The sources are stored in the Miniskybot 2 github:

3D printing settings

  • Choose the kind of servo horn you want to use
  • print the servo wheel for that horn
  • Screw the servo horn to the wheel using the standard screws that come with the servo
  • Put the O-ring around the wheel
  • Attach the wheel to you robot!
  • 3D model format: STL





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