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SciFi Control Room

3D model description

Deck out the top floor of your Makerbot Rocket with this three piece set - it has everything you need to guide your mission to the moon.

For the steering console, chairs, and the rest of the series, check out my other things:

3D printing settings

Control Tower:
The right and left towers are easily printed with 2 shells (total) and no infill. The arch is best printed on its back as oriented. The geometry is just at the printable limits of my machine without support. Use acetone or glue to adhere together.

Print Base & Top with 15-20% infill. The base just exceeds printable limits, but is easily cleaned up. My base print with zero extra shells printed better than the print with one extra shell.

Print all STLs. Test fit Wall into base & top. Check length of hinge "pins" on doors and trim if necessary. Adhere wall into Base. Drop hinge pins of doors into holes in base. Carefully adhere top to wall, capturing the pins.

Elements are designed to be interchangeable. Create your own layout!

Decorate with your favorite paint medium. My prints are in silver, black and natural ABS with some decorative help from black and silver paint pens + whiteout.

  • 3D model format: ZIP



Love 3D printing and geography!



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