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Risk Pieces (Star and Roman Numeral)

3D model description

Love Risk? Hate those toy soldiers the new versions come with? Or have you just lost too many pieces?

Here are two different classic style risk men. My personal favorite or the roman numerals. They make counting the units in a territory quick and easy. Then there are the star form. As I didn't know exactly how many pieces a player needs, I did some heavy google searching to come up with a rough ratio.

Star form => 40:20:10
Roman Numeral form => 40:16:16:8
You will need to print 2 sheets of your desired form for each player

3 peaks => 1 army
4 peaks => 5 armies
5 peaks => 10 armies

I have included the source SCAD files for those who want to adjust the size or style. You can actually fit all the pieces onto one print with the Thing-O-Matic, IF you do not need a raft.

3D printing settings

Just pick your preferred style, or mix and match. You will need to print 2 full sheets for each player.

I have a Thing-O-Matic with the ABP, and unfortunately the ABP is not good for printing small items. Attempting to print the sheets without a raft led to a high failure rate. Those that did survive tended to be smaller towards the top (see the photo with only 4 pieces), as the ABP's ribbon would tilt with the piece as it was being printed. =( If you have any tips on how to make this work better I'd love to hear them.

Do be careful taking the pieces off the raft. I managed to severely cut both of my thumbs before I finished cutting out three players worth of pieces.

  • 3D model format: STL





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