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REPY1 modules. Version 1.1

3D model description

This design is a mechanical module for building modular printbots (printable robots).
The main improvement of this design over v1.0 is that it has been migrated from Blender to Openscad. Therefore the drills and part's thickness are parametric.

The documentation has been done with Freecad. For more details just download and open the freecad files

Our goal is to build the longest modular snake robot ever! :-D

There are more information (in Spanish) about these modules in the following link:

3D printing settings

Print the two parts: body and head.
See the attached pictures for building the module
Join together two or more modules for creating snakes capable of moving both on 1D and 2D.

  • 3D model format: STL and ZIP





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