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RC Soviet tractor DT-75 Kazakhstan (1\10 scale)

3D model description

This model I was converted from GTA SA mod in ZModeler and adapted to print in SketchUp. This is my first work and a lot holes I made after printing. Model has thick walls because I used very bad filament and model easy goes to break.
Some parts glued by super glue, cabine strengthened with paperclip's wire, soda and super glue. Also from paperclip made door hinges and handles.

Tractor run on four yellow gears which sells for Arduino.
Its not most powerful for outdoor but enought for home or asphalt. May be 3S will increase power, I still run it on 2S.
Because it need tank-style control and I have only classic car's control, I was made radiocontrol on Arduino (Nano with NRF24L01, L298N module). You can use simple discrete RC from tank toy or professional 6-8 channel equipment.

Each side need 44 tracks, 2 main cogs, 2 rolls, 2 carriages (karetka), 4 small cogs. Carriages and rolls mounts on M4 screws, small cogs stays on M3 screws with some spacers.

Gear mounts by M3 screws with some spacers to be at one line with second gear.

Front blade is optional and must glued from parts: otval, otvalr with same mirrored parts.
Blade moves by servo SG90 which mount on front tractor. I bend wire hinge from paperclip, screw it on blade and insert it in servo arm.
It easier and cheaper way instead linear servos.

other description coming soon....

3D printing settings

I printed body from ABS which was very bad and fragile. And I used a lot super glue to make it strong.
0.2 mm layer is good for 0.4 mm head.
Infill 20-30% enough.

Cogs and tracks printed by PLA because it need to be strong, PETG is a good alternative.

  • 3D model format: STL





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