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Peugeot 307 Can and bottle holder

3D model description

UPDATE, May 21th 2019
I have made some small improvements to the original design:
-Better clearence and thicker wall on top-ring, more rounded edges.
-Support for a third can size in between the "small" and "standard" size cans.

Unfortunately I don't have new pictures from the final result as I have sold the car with the cupholders within ;-), -but you can see the changes in the STL-preview above. The old STL-files is replaced with the new V2.

Bottle and can holder specific for Peugeot 307 dash. If you have "blank buttons" in your dash you can remove the cover and mount this bottleholder directly into the slot. Use the original screw.

It will securely hold soda/water bottles, small diameter cans, and standard size cans (EU sizes, the holder is 66mm diameter)

Print Peugeot307_Cup_base upside down on the bed
Print Peugeot307_Cup_extension standing up on the bed

There is one socket for left side, and one for right side mounting. Use a basic wood screw, 30mm long to assemble the parts. Hide the screw head by covering it with the little cap piece provided.

I printed it with 0.25 resolution, 20% infill, and no supports.

If you make this, upload a photo of the result, Enjoy! =)

  • 3D model format: STL





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