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Pellet Shot Slingshot

3D model description

A 3dprintable slingshot
It's too small to accept excessively large calibers
be sure to treat it as you would a regular slingshot even though this is low powered its more powerful than the elastic powered pellet slinger

pellet ammunition available for download

WARNING & DISCLAIMER This slingshot is only safe when handled and treated with respect to its firepower, Its more Powerful then the elastic-powered pellet slinger this is at your own risk for any liabilities and the entities in possession including digitally or physically is directly responsible for their actions , Check your local laws because if this is being misused This is at your risk and those people have every right to hold them accountable

have safe shooting practices

3D printing settings

For this, you will need
• The 3dprinted part
• 3dprinted pellets such as those from the pellet pack
3dprint the part with at least 50%-75% infill I used’s petg & used .4 mm layer heights
With x3 bottom & top layers

To use this fold a size 117b elastic in half then at the fork then wrap half around of the elastic then hook it up to the other fork
From there you can shoot targets

  • 3D model format: STL



I am a caring Canadian , who likes math , logic , open debates , & really takes a big sedimental value to my ideas & designs as a kid i was very cerious guy who would read encyclopedias , & i still love documentries , i love collecting odds & ends of infomation which people described as a lot of reading , i am a guy who can always find a way , and a shadow of the past & who can think in ways most people cannot
I am the same guy as pinshape’s Tim (Timster Postma), pin shape’s Tim Postma
I also like messing with people as my way of a personal bond , so if you see me messing around understand its out of my heart of gold & that its just play for me

I also am a huge defender of innocent childplay without adults meddling or interfering unless there is a moral , ethical or legal issue

If there is something i treasure its the innocence of a person who are a young children or a special innocent people



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