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Parameterized printable spring

3D model description

It is a proof of concept of a kind of printable spring. Initially I designed it for using in my Prusa Mendel, because the z axis springs were very difficult to find for me. Then I generalized the idea and parameterized the spring.

These springs conceptually consist of a strip of plastic that is bended. The outer cross section of the spring can be square, hexagonal or octogonal.

The spring parameters are:
* fid (fold inner diameter)
* folds: Number of folds
* th: strip thickness
* Drill: Drill diameter
* Diameter of the outer cross section

Here there is a video of the proof of concept:

3D printing settings

1.- Download the spring.scad file. Change the spring parameters and generate the STL
2.- Optionally you can just print the 3 springs given as examples
3.- I have used slic3r for slicing it. If the spring is small, it is quite difficult to print it. The easier springs to print are the ones with a square cross section.
4.- Print it!
5.- Before using it I had to file and clean the spring

  • 3D model format: STL





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