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Our solar system for the blind

3D model description

The planets of our solar system mounted on 3mm thick boards.

All the planets are represented in correct size. The size reference is the sun (1 meter in diameter, could be represented by for example a beach ball )

The planet name is printed in Braille above the planet and the order from the sun is printed below the planet.

Relative distance from sun (sun is 1 m diameter)
Mercury 41,6 m
Venus 77,8 m
Earth 107,5 m
Mars 163,9 m
Jupiter 559,6 m
Saturn 1026 m
Uranus 2064 m
Neptune 3233 m

3D printing settings

The Braille was a bit fragile on my test print, you can edit the size in write.scad but you have to change the translate z-value in the planets scad-file to make the Braille have contact with the board.

These are the two parameters in write.scad:
h = 6; //mm letter height
t = 0.5; //mm letter thickness

The openscad files are included in a zip-file

  • 3D model format: STL and ZIP





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