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Download free 3D printer model Oregon, MakersBoxDownload free 3D printer model Oregon, MakersBox

3D model description

This is a 1:10M scale of SRTM 90M elevation data with a 10x vertical exaggeration.

This is way harder to do that it should be. I'll document it when I figure it out and get a decent printable model.

3D printing settings

This is a rough outline of the steps used to create the file, mostly from the following guide:

Download 3DEM from

Open 3DEM:

[File] -> [Load Terrain Model] -> GeoTiff DEM (tif) -> Load your geotiff (from the Thing files)
[File] -> [Save as USGS ASCII DEM] -> Save as USGS DEM File (*.dem)
Download AccuTrans3D from
Open AccuTrans3D:

[File] -> [Open DME as] -> [USGS 1-degree (ASCII) (.dem)] -> Open file.
[Dem] -> [Convert to 3D (less water)]
Vertex Interval, “Pick - 10” (something less than 500k vertices).
Control Face Creation, “Drop Faces at Sea Level”
[Tools_1] -> [Adjust Object (Mirror, Rotate, Scale, Translate)]
Scale -Position:
-- x: 0.0001, y: 0.000141, z: 0.001
-- [Scale]
-- [Center on X and Y axis with Z at zero]
[Tools_1] -> [Extrude Pseudo 3D surface]
Thickness: 1
“Flat Bottom”
[Tools_1] -> [Adjust Object (Mirror, Rotate, Scale, Translate)]
Snap to Ground
[File] -> [Save As] -> [StereoLithography (ASCII)(

  • 3D model format: ZIP





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