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MY.MO - make a wish and save money to make it happen

3D model description

MY.MO (aka my motivator or my money) is my project for the NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS contest. [ #XYZCHALLENGE ]

In an increasingly dematerialized world I wanted to make a "motivator" that was a big physical object, a tangible presence of the goals we give ourselves with a simple interaction system that can track our progress.

Take a Post-it note (standard size 79x79mm), write down your resolution.
Every time you are closer to the goal move the cursor, the Post-it, and the large arrow that points to it, tilts a few degrees.
If you move away from your goal, move the cursor backwards, for example you may have written that you want to lose 10kg and at some point you have taken 1kg.
When you have reached 100% the mechanism unlocks, falling with noise, you hit your goal!

video --->

The large empty space becomes a perfect piggy bank where you can put money to make your own wish come true (but be careful it is also easy to get the money back!)

Glue, screws,bolts or other things are not necessary to assemble, simply print the seven pieces without support and build your MY.MO.

I uploaded some simply printed images, before any retouching or coloring.
Painted is better but only printed is beautiful, too.

3D printing settings

no support, easy print

  • 3D model format: STL



graphic designer, digital marketing expert, photographer and artist. I studied industrial design in the 90s of the last century, today I try to put my knowledge into practice with new 3D printing technologies



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